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  • Tasa de precipitación óptima

  • Mejora demostrada en el rendimiento

  • Bajas tasas de flujo de riego hasta 24 galones por acre por minuto

Pulsador 912.png
901 Color sobre blanco_300x.png

Greater Yields Using Water At Drip Flow Rates

The Pulsator 912 Features & Benefits


Mimics the flow and spread of natural rainfall

Wide Coverage.png

Delivers wide area coverage with drip flow rates at very low volume

Soil Moisture.png

Creates consistently moist soil improving grower yields


Helps your crops to use their energy for growth and production with feeder roots using less energy looking for water source

Higher Yields.png

Delivers increased yields, with drip flow rates of water, at decreased cost

The Pulsator 912 Improves Results

912 Yield Graph B.jpg

Drip Irrigation
- Less Efficient
- Moderate Yield Increase


Vertical Farming
- High Maintenance
- Costly

Historic Irrigation Techniques

Why rely on old, inefficient methods of climate control for your crop?

Why flood or drip irrigate when you can pulse spray and obtain greater benefit?

- Costly
- Inefficient

Flood Irrigation
- Wasteful
- Moderate Yield Increase

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