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About The Pulsator

Gideon Ruttenberg.jpeg

Pulsating Irrigation Products, Inc. owns the patented Pulsator technology developed by engineer Gideon Ruttenberg more than 20 years ago.  The Pulsator™ has been marketed worldwide and has been used by U.S. and growers outside the U.S., ever since its introduction.


The Pulsator™ is a small device that converts a continuous low flow entering its inlet into an instantaneous high flow ejected through its outlet in short pulses. The Pulsator™ is uniquely engineered to deliver water in an efficient and cost-effective manner to our customers

The Pulsator 205™ has an innovative strip jet, specifically designed for frost protection and cooling of vineyards and cannabis crops. The Pulsator is compatible with different micro-jets, micro-spinners, insert protected spinners, misters, and sprayers for its various applications.

Pulsating Irrigation Products, Inc. sells its highly efficient pulsating irrigation devices globally by working with a talented group of local distributors.

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