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How To Protect Apples From Frost Damage

(Without Losing Another Crop To Freezing!)

As an apple grower you know the risk of bud kill due to frost. Whole years of work can be lost in only a few minutes of freezing temperatures. The financial impact can be devastating.

If the cold comes with fruit already on the trees, they can be damaged and unsellable. It not only affects your business but the health of the people who depend on you for nutritious fruit!

If the frost lasts for longer it can even kill your trees, setting you back decades of growth and prosperity!


Don't let the next frost cost you another crop!

The Pulsator 205 easily installs to instantly protect your apple orchards from the devastating effects of freeze damage.

Coating your crops with a thin layer of constant water, keeps your buds, fruit, leaves and limbs safely insulated against the most damaging sub-freezing temperatures.

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