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Irrigation Technology


What difference
can a drop make?


Plants thrive in their natural environment.
When humans cultivate plants, we introduce artificial factors into the plants environment which impact health and fruit production.
When plants receive water like a light rain, they are unstressed, more healthy and productive.


Big things happen
when little things change


Changing to the Pulsator
can make the biggest difference

Plants react to small changes in their environment.
If plants receive irrigation regularly in small quantities, this matches rain.

Matching irrigation like rain optimizes plant productivity.

The Pulsator mimics the flow and spread of natural rainfall.

The Pulsator delivers wide area coverage, usually obtained by high flow irrigation systems, but utilizing very low volume drip flow rates.

The Pulsator creates consistently moist soil causing 3 important factors to change in growers favor:
   1. Your plants use all their energy for growth and production

   2. The Pulsator delivers microspray coverage at drip flow rates

   3. The Pulsator delivers increased yields at decreased costs

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