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The Pulsator 205 for Smart Climate Control
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So, What Is The Pulsator 205?

Heat Frost.png

Introducing The Pulsator 205 to protect your fruit from extreme heat and frost

Water Insulation.png

Uses insulating properties of water

Pulse mechanics at drip-flow rates provide wide area coverage

Wide Area Low Flow.png
Cost Effective.png

Most cost-effective climate control solution available

Water Efficient.png

Uses minimal water compared to alternatives

360 Coverage.png

Sprinkler head provides 360 degree continuous coverage


400+ growers / customers worldwide


50,000+ acres / 25,000+ hectares protected worldwide

Pulsator 205 with PulseMax™ 360 spray head
The Pulsator 205: Smart Climate Control


with PulseMax 360

What Our Customers Are Saying


“The Pulsator 205 is a game changer for climate control with our cherry growing customers.”

Alvaro Caceres

Tierraverde, Chile

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